About JA Construction

We at JA Construction Services pride ourselves on the personal attention we offer our clients, our ability to assist in translating your desires into design reality and the high-level of involvement to exceeding your expectations that insures the extraordinary quality of your project.

We offer a full range of commercial construction services, specializing in apartment rehabilitation, insurance work, build-outs for strip centers and commercial facilities, turnkey renovations and ground-up buildings.

Our philosophy is to deliver the highest quality services within the industry both on time and within budget, and to assure that the standards of today's construction meet the stringent requirements we set for ourselves.

We believe the most important asset at JA Construction Services is our people. We ensure all projects meet strict, self-imposed standards by hiring only the most qualified staff. Our in house licensed property and casualty adjusters work closely and diligently with insurance companies regarding quotes, repairs and other damages. In addition, our talented team is bonded and certified to handle specialized areas such as mold remediation, asbestos and fire damage. With our qualifications and expertise, we can relieve the pressures of dealing with insurance companies.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to put quality and customer care above everything else. Our commitment to the highest quality workmanship and ethical standards allows us to confidently say you won't get a better quality job anywhere.

Three key principles:

  1. Quality - simply give the client what is expected: high quality, on-time construction, no surprises.
  2. Integrity - customers deserve it. We demand it in ourselves and our subcontractors.
  3. Customer Service - our goal is to meet the objectives and needs of the client during both the design and construction phases.

To provide unparalleled service, quality and value in the renovation and construction industry, safely and in an environmentally responsible manner, with respect and integrity.